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TLC Antiques was proud to be the 2nd largest Fenton Gold Showcase Dealer in the country when Fenton was still in business! Even though they have closed we still carry a large selection of Fenton as we are constantly buying collections! We don't always get everything on line so if you are looking for something special drop me a line!

Depression Glass customers.... GREAT NEWS!!! The new Depression Glass Price Guide by Barbara & Jim Mauzy is finally here! Check out our contributions to this edition of their well known price guide! Look for us under Adam, Cherry Blossom,Cameo,Open Lace, Pillar Optic, Tea Room & Sierra to name a few! Barbara is wonderful to work with and we were honored to be included. Their book is filled with the latest finds and news on your favorite patterns, up to date values, as well as details to help you know how to tell the reproduction from the real thing! I highly recommend her book!

Welcome, TLC Antiques has 30 years experience specializing in Depression, Elegant Glass and Fenton. We are proudly a Fenton Gold Showcase Dealer, 2nd largest in USA. My family is here to help yours fill your house with treasures.

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If your glass is cloudy try soaking it in CLR. Depending on how cloudy it is you can either dilute it or just pour it full strength let it soak overnight or even longer depending on the degree of sickness to the glass. If you are going to use the dish wash it several times.

China and Dinnerware-Hall

• Autumn Leaf 
• Crocus 
• Hall-Miscellaneous 
• Orange Poppy 
• roulett 
• Teapots 
• Tulip 

Elegant Glass

• American - Fostoria 
• Cambridge - Miscellaneous 
• Candlewick 
• Caprice 
• Chintz 
• Cupid 
• Gloria 
• Heisey - Orchid 
• Heisey - Miscellaneous 
• Heisey - Old Colony 
• Mayflower 
• Miscellaneous Elegant Glass 
• New Martinsville 
• Peacock & Wild Rose 
• Portia 
• Rose Point  
• Vesper 


• 1990's Miscellaneous Fenton 
• Burmese 
• Cameo Satin 
• Cranberry Opalescent  
• Overlay Patterns 
• Perfume Bottles / Dresser Sets 
• QVC - Fenton Made for QVC 
• Rosalene 
• Violets In The Snow 

Fenton New Collectible

• 2000 - 2005 Fenton Miscellaneous 
• 2006 General Catalog 
• 2007 General Catalog 
• 2008 General Catalog 
• 2009 General Catalog 
• 2010 General Catalog 
• 2011 General Catalog  
• 2012 Final Fairy Light Release 
• 2012 Limited Edition July Release 
• 2012 Limited Edition June Release 
• 2012 Limited Edition September Release 
• Animals - Shoes - Bells - Nicknacks 
• Aubergine 
• Burmese 
• Carnival Glass 
• Connoisseur Collection 
• Dave Fetty  
• Fenton Clearance Items 
• Fenton - TLC Antiques Exclusives 
• Fenton Lamps 
• Holidays 
• Horizons 
• Kelsey Murphy Limited Edition  
• Mary Gregory 
• QVC - Fenton Made for QVC 
• Special Dated Items 


• Hummel 

Glass-Depression Glass

• Adam 
• American Sweetheart 
• Block Optic 
• Cameo Ballerina 
• Cherry Blossom 
• Cherryberry 
• Cloverleaf 
• Colonial Knife & Fork 
• Cube 
• Dogwood 
• Doric / Doric and Pansy 
• Fire-King Charm 
• Floral - Poinsettia 
• Florentine #1 
• Florentine #2 
• Fruits 
• Georgian Lovebirds 
• Holiday - Button & Bows 
• Homespun 
• Horseshoe 
• Iris & Herringbone 
• Lorain Basket 
• Madrid 
• Mayfair 
• Miss America 
• Moderntone 
• Moonstone 
• Old Colony - Open Lace 
• Patrician Spoke 
• Petalware 
• Princess 
• Rose Cameo 
• Roulette 
• Royal Lace 
• Sharon 
• Sierra 
• Sunflower 
• Swirl 
• Sylvan - Parrot 
• Windsor 

Glassware 40s 50s 60s

• Moon & Star 


• McCoy 
• Shawnee
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TLC Antiques is a family run antique business which grew out of the love of collecting antiques and especially glass! We are located in the Adamstown area with booths in several antique shops and a seasonal stand on the weekends at Shupp's Grove (April - October). We travel the eastern United States doing antique shows and have been able to travel the world through our web site! In 2006 we introduced new Fenton to our inventory because of it's collectability and our love of it. We have risen, THANKS to you, to the 2nd largest Fenton Gold Showcase Dealer in the country. We believe Fenton Art Glass is one of the few made today that has the quality and values of yesterday. In 2004 we began an association with the Antique Trader Price Guide. We were in charge of updating Depression Glass prices for their updates. If you are looking for a general price guide this is a fantastic book! We also supply Depression Glass to Barbara Mauzy, from both our private collection & from our inventory, to be photographed for her Depression Glass Price Guide which is the most comprehensive price guide on the market. The latest honor was being asked to be a Worthologist for We help answer questions for Glassware as well as Fenton. We also contribute articles on both subject for their readers and share some of your collections! Check it out.


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TLC Antiques
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